Monday, March 24, 2014

First Post!

Hey World! I've created this new blog as a place to document and share my creations with paint-- most of which will be furniture revivals! I love love love the power that paint has in transforming ANYTHING ugly into something awesome and "new!" 

It all started with the house we bought in 2012-- check out the "Our Home" page for the full story and all the glamorous before/after photos!

Short story version here: We bought a total dump of a smelly house and updated the whole thing on a major budget, and I can tell you that PAINT became my best friend in the whole wide world because the stuff is cheap and it made our house so pretty! While working on the walls/ceilings/floors of the house, I was tearing out my hair trying to imagine how to furnish and decorate the entire place (on a budget, of course!), and I started hunting for cheap furniture and ways to make it work with my champagne taste.  **Thank you Pinterest for all the (p)insperation, I could NOT have known about the endless possibilities of making ugly into pretty without you!**

And so began my love of reviving furniture! I'm not sure which thrills me more: finding great deals on pieces, or creating a gasp-worthy before/after pic-stitch photo. They both feed my need for instant gratification, and who can say no to that?! Plus, painting is REALLY relaxing to me and is a perfect outlet for my creativity!!

Anyone else out there love the power of paint?! Do you have anything in your house you've been wanting to make new with paint??

Things I've made new with paint (and will blog about someday):

Old kitchen cabinets
Laminate counter-tops!
Shower tile!
Walls, duh
Door handles and hinges
Outlet faces
Doors, railings, ceilings, furniture, fire mantel, mudroom, lamps, Christmas decorations 

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