Saturday, November 8, 2014

My new retail space!!

Guys, this might be one of the most exciting things I'll ever post about.

I have a retail space!!

I've been dreaming of this for years, and it is happening!

What's most awesome about this is I didn't even feel like I was trying to make it happen. I was just doing what I love, and everything just kind of "happened!" It hasn't felt hard or strained at all, and I'll give plenty of credit to God for that!

While all year I've been asking God for a baby, I've gotten lost in that yearning and pushed away my deep desire for growth in my furniture business. I have never actually sat down and prayed "Lord, I want a retail space," even though I've dreamed of this for years. But I have prayed for a big change in my life this year, something that will give me a bigger sense of self-worth-- something I could be good at and devote my energy to and be proud of. Since January, I sensed this game-changer was coming in October. Really, I thought this meant we'd get pregnant in October, but God had different plans. On October 30th I woke up and decided to call and ask about retail space (not sure what got into me!), and an hour after calling, I put down a deposit!

I love my job as a personal trainer, and I LOVE my clients, but I only do that part-time for a reason. Over the years, furniture and home revivals has become a deeper part of who I am and what makes me move. God knows me so well. He knows the deepest desires of mine, and has chosen to give me a chance at building my career dreams-- something I know I wouldn't have done if I'd been pregnant right now.

Sure, we're still praying every day for a baby, but that's just not in our cards right now. I'm thrilled I get to pursue this other dream of mine in the meantime!!! This is one of those things that if I never did it, I know in 20 years I'd wake up and heavily regret it!

So without further ado, my space will open up THIS WEEK (exact date TBD, it keeps changing!), at Unlisted, an upscale indoor marketplace less than two miles from my house! (If you're in the Denver area, this is in Centennial at University and County Line, by Guiry's)

I've been running around picking up lots of furniture to finish and home items to decorate and stage it all, and I'm seriously in heaven doing all this!! I mean, I get to SHOP for work now!!!

Here's my car with 7 new pieces in it. They are small! I needed smaller things to stack up and fill my space.

My booth is 5' x 10', which feels small considering how big furniture can be, but I'm hoping to expand to a 10' x 10' space soon.

How darling is this little vanity? It's gonna be white! With a matching chair!

Hard at work in my garage spray-booth! 

And back to work I go!